Fulcrum Ecommerce API

The Fulcrum Ecommerce API is a complex API design that monitors inventory, customers, and sales that take place in Fulcrum and WooCommerce.


Initial Setup


How the API works when first setting up your inventory: The API will push the complete inventory that is in Fulcrum to the Woo site, and by default everything will be set to draft. Setting everything to draft is done by design. This gives you the option to go through and make sure that what you are putting up on your site is accurate. So, if you are familiar with WooCommerce, when products are set to draft, they are not published on your site. This gives you the chance to pick and choose what you want to publish. 


At the same time we push the products down (if we have the image), it will auto populate the image for that product. If there is no image for that product, then we will put a “coming soon” image in the place of the actual image, which will give you the chance to add your own images. The API is not monitoring images for current products in Woo, as we may not have all images. It also gives you the ability to change the image. 


The API will also push all customers to Woo from Fulcrum, as long as they meet woo’s requirements! For example: If it is missing an email address or valid phone number, WooCommerce will not accept that as a new customer until you fix it in Fulcrum, and then it will push it to Woo. 



The Fulcrum API will also monitor new customers signing into woo and will add them to Fulcrum. 


The Fulcrum API monitors any new sales in Woo. New sales from Woo will show up in completed Fulcrum sales. This will include products not in Fulcrum. So for non-Fulcrum product items that are sold in Woo, the sales numbers will be displayed in Fulcrum, but, no products will be associated with that sale and you will need to look in the woo sales for that information. There is no way around this. The only way to fix this, is to add the items from Woo into Fulcrum and allow Fulcrum to be the inventory management system.


The Fulcrum API Monitors Sales and Quantities in Fulcrum and Woo. So if a sale happens in Fulcrum, the API will update WooCommerce. If a sale happens in Woo, the API will update the quantities in Fulcrum and bring the completed sale into Fulcrum under the completed sales.   

  Contact Sales to sign up 


Ryan Hughes: ryan.jayst@gmail.com

Anthony Guggino: anthonyjguggino@gmail.com