Who We Are

Games Then and Now is a locally owned small business that was created by Jason and Diane Matic.

Our company got started by our vision of owning and operating a small business to serve the local communities surrounded by Superior, Wisconsin. We get asked a lot why Superior as we originally came from the MN Twin cities area. The short answer is we wanted to move closer to family.

We opened our first game store August 25, 2017 on Tower AVE in Superior Wi.

We knew we didn’t want to be part of a franchise.  We wanted to have a video game store, but we wanted something different.  We think you will notice that Games Then and Now is not your typical video game store as soon as you walk in the door.  Look up and you’ll see the tiles that will remind you of your early gaming days.  We sell new games, pre-owned games, blu-rays, DVD’s, vintage games and numerous game accessories.

What We Do

Games Then and Now is a Video Game Store specializing in new and pre-owned games, systems and accessories from ALL generations throughout the history of gaming. While we offer everything you could need for current generation systems, we also have a massive selection of retro games and consoles including many rare and hard to find titles. We perform repairs, and provide an excellent and informative shopping experience for hardcore gamers, collectors, newcomers and non-gamers alike.

Why We Do It

Games Then and Now has been helping satisfied customers for over 4 years. We delight in finding rare items, pairing people with items they’ve been searching for, and getting people started with new and used games. We love discussing games with our customers and offer a judgement-free zone where people can really geek out about their passion for gaming and offer advice while we ourselves learn more. The environment is something that can only be achieved in this type of store and there are fewer and fewer of these in recent years. In most of our ads and posts we refer to our customers as “our pals” – and that’s not hyperbole. It’s truly how we feel.